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Getting Ready For Christmas

It's been about a month since I posted last, and that was before Thanksgiving. So I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This year for Thanksgiving it was just Rod and me, and we had turkey breast along with a few sides. I ended up purchasing a whole turkey breast, not the whole turkey because we don't usually eat dark meat and I didn't feel like tearing apart a whole turkey. The turkey breast was so much easier and cleaner compared to the whole turkey. There was enough for both of us, but not an overabundance.

Fast forward to now, it's almost Christmas and I have just done a small amount of Christmas shopping so far. As far as decorations, I do have my Christmas tree up, but that's about it. I haven't gotten around to putting up decorations on the door, outside lights, or any other decorations. I just love leaving the lights on the tree all day and all night (until Rod shuts them off that is). Athena thankfully has little interest in the tree, she doesn't pay any mind to it. I have yet to watch any Christmas movies, but I do want to!

Athena just had her 1 year birthday, so she's officially not a puppy anymore 🥲 She graduated from obedience school, but she does have a long way to go with training. She currently lunges and barks at other dogs on the street (but is fine at doggy daycare), and loves to pull on the leash. I just bought her a gentle leader and only used it one time. That one time I used it BOY did it make a complete difference. I hope to use it more often until finally wean off of it. Here is a picture of the pretty lady.

Since adding new seeds to my store, I have been getting a lot of interest in the Mongolian Giant seeds. Right now, I'm low in stock but I will be restocking hopefully soon. All varieties are just beautiful and hope to add more in the future. I also may get back into painting. Depending on how they turn out (I'm not a professional lol), I might show everyone!

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Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving, and hope your Christmas is good too! Athena is growing up so much! I'm glad the halter worked for her, and I hope she becomes better and better at not lunging at other doggys on your walks! Also, I hope I can grow some sunflowers this coming Summer, still haven't grown any before!


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