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Halloween and Upcoming Changes

Hello! It's been a while since I posted an update, but everything is still running smoothly. Thank you for showing support to local businesses and of course our beautiful sunflowers 🌻 Since the last time I posted, Halloween has passed us. How was your Halloween? Mine went great! Lots of kids and this year I handed out full-sized candy bars. Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to, then Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I will be posting the elves that I sold last year online in my store. They are customizable with text, and you will be able to do that from the store. I will possibly add other Christmas gifts to my store, so stay updated!

Another update that I did was remove all the 30oz skinny tumblers. Now only 20oz skinny and thicks are available.

Lastly, I've also wandered into sewing. More specifically, sewing sunflower purses and zipper pouches. Here is a picture of 1 that I completed. There will be many more patterns available soon online.

Love it? So do I! More specifics will be released soon, but I CAN tell you the prices of all patterns will be $29.99 w/ free shipping. Perfect timing for a Christmas present, or for yourself.

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