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New Website Look, Same Products

Hey guys! I recently switched platforms for my website, so it looks different and still has some tweaking to do. So if you see anything that looks out of place, don't worry I'm working on it. And for those who ordered products from the old website, I still have your information and working on fulfillment.

New things are coming in the near future as well. I've been adding new products to the store, and there's still a lot more to make and add. On top of regular new products being added, I will be adding fall and Halloween-themed items in a month or two. Be on the lookout in a month or two for that.

In case you don't know, I've been growing sunflowers in my garden for a while now. They're still young, but when they're ready I plan on harvesting them and plan on selling them in the store. This will be part of my campaign to "Save the Bees".

Sunflower seed varieties available may vary each year, but this year there will be 10' ones, and 14-16' ones (names will be included later). As much as they are pretty, they also serve an important part of the economy.

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