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New Year's Eve!

It's almost New Year's and a lot has happened in one year. Earlier this year, I converted my sublimation business into a seeds business, which ended up turning out to be a great move for me. I have since added new seed varieties that I love the most to the store.

I also adopted a puppy earlier this year too! She is a hound/pitbull/maybe some other breed mix? I plan on getting a DNA test done sometime next year maybe. I only ever wanted a dog, and she has given me so much love and I love her so much. She gets spoiled so much, the only thing I wish I can give her is a very large yard to play in.

Last year I ended up being involved in a car accident (not the first one, all not my fault), but this time I had some back injections and chiro care along with PT. It's just now it seems like it's getting closer to being done with. I am going after my car repair, medical, and pain and suffering. All because a lady didn't stop at the stop sign. I am hoping next year my lawyer can get this case settled.

As far as entertainment, I've gotten back into Runescape only recently and jumped right in where I left off. I also play Fortnite with my best friends who're there for me all the time.

What I'm working on now is continuing my business, and catching up with some people to just see how they're doing and what they're up to. Basically ending the year 2022 and getting ready for 2023.

What are my goals for 2023? I feel like this is the year of mostly good. Good things will happen. Maybe a couple of small bad things. I am really good at predicting the next year because I can just feel it, and I've always been right (so far). I think this winter will be idler for me. Then when spring and summer come, I want to get an electric scooter to ride around here with since most places are close anyways. I am also thinking about getting a cart to haul Athena in too! But we'll see, she may be able to just walk/run with me. I'm also going to see my family this Easter, which I can't wait for.

I have 1 year until Rod retires, so hopefully more fun free time! We've been together for almost 8 years now (in May) and he's the best decision I've made. He's made me better in so many ways, I hope next year will be just the same. I actually plan on celebrating New Year's this year with him and Athena watching the ball drop and ordering out Chinese.

I am trying to get into the habit of drawing more on my phone, so you will be seeing more pictures/videos coming up.

Happy New Years everyone - Kat

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