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Summer is Coming

Summer is just a month away and it already feels like the middle of summer! Right now it's 90 degrees with the air conditioner blowing cold air inside my apartment. This is the second day in a row it's been in the 90s and I just can't wait for it to cool back down. Thankfully the rest of the week will be in the 70s and it will feel more comfortable.

Since the last day of the frost, I have been painfully working on the garden which has been very rewarding in the end. I try to use tools to reduce/limit back pain to make things easier on myself. For instance, getting the garden ready was much easier this year compared to last year since this time I purchased a hand rototiller so all I had to do was press down with my foot and twist with my hands. I'm not able to use a motorized one because the garden space is too small and a part is a raised garden bed.

I did plant some plants I grew myself, but the majority of the plants I bought from Walmart. Currently, in my garden, I have peas, romaine lettuce, cabbage, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, red onions, tomatoes, green beans, blueberries (from last year), peppers, and lastly,🌻 SUNFLOWERS🌻. I planted sunflowers in a 5ft x 2ft space this year. I originally wanted to plant sunflowers in a 20ft x 2ft space, but I ended up buying more plants than I originally planned. Here is a picture of my first sunflower peeking out of the dirt!

Interested in Mammoth sunflower seeds? Check out my store!

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