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Quantity: 1 gram = (116 seeds)


75-90 days. California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds. Capsicum annuum. Non-GMO. Heirloom. The preeminent bell pepper seed and one of the most recognizable sweet peppers in the world, the classic green and red Cal Wonder truly is one of the easiest garden seeds to grow. Cal Wonder seeds produce delicious 3-4" squared sweet bell peppers known for their exceptionally thick, yet sweet and tender, pepper walls. Cal Wonder is a true sweet variety.




How to Grow California Wonder Sweet Pepper from Seed


Pepper is a heat-loving crop that does not perform well in shade or cold soils. Seeds are best if started indoors 4-6 weeks prior to final spring frost for transplanting. Sow 2-3 seeds 1/4" deep per cell or peat pot in fertile, Organically rich, and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-6.8. Germinates in 7-21 days, transplanting best starts 12-18" apart in the garden or one plant per container. Pepper plants thrive in pots and containers with a phosphorus-rich potting mix and will benefit from staking and support as they become top-heavy during fruit production.


California Wonder Sweet Pepper in the Vegetable Garden


Pepper is one of the most diverse, showy, and flavorful fruits grown in the annual garden bed. Available in nearly every possible color and shape from super sweet to super spicy, pepper grows stronger and tastes better with a season of full sun and high heat. Pepper plants thrive in pots and containers and can even perennially overwinter in warm enough regions, maturing into bushy, vibrant, and well-stemmed patio favorites.

This variety produces a four-lobed (well, most of the time), thick-walled fruit that is mild and sweet and great for stuffing. Ever-bearing, upright plant produces fruits up to 4"x 4" wide. Like most peppers, the fruit starts green and will ripen to red if left on to grow longer (which is why red peppers cost more than green at the store).

California Wonder will produce green bell peppers that will turn red over time. Place plants in full sun to produce more flowers which will translate to more peppers.

Upright 2 ft tall plants bear prolific fruits that are 4-5" long and almost the same width across and resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.


Harvesting California Wonder Sweet Pepper


Some sweet and bell peppers can be harvested as soon as 60-70 days, but most hot varieties are ready about 100 days from sowing or when skin has changed color. Know the individual variety you are sowing to know when the color has reached ripeness. Peppers can be picked early to ripen indoors or left to ripen and change color on the vine. Using a knife or shears, carefully snip off peppers while leaving some stems attached to the fruit. If working with hot peppers, wear gloves to avoid skin contact with capsaicin.


About California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds


Capsicum annuum. (75-90 days) California Wonder was introduced in 1928.

An improved version of the California Wonder bred to be resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus Resistant (TMR).


Looks just like what you would get at the Organic grocery store!


California Wonder has a crisp, thick flesh that has a mild, pleasant flavor. Great for salads or stuff them whole for a delicious meal.


California Wonder contains high amounts of vitamins A and C.



California Wonder Sweet Pepper


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