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Quantity: 2 grams (About 75 Seeds)


  • Rich, mahogany blooms are a wonder to behold
  • Tall-growing annual with dark, rich blooms
  • Heirloom pollinator attractor with deep red Summer blooms
  • Thrives in bright, sunny growing areas


Informal and unassuming, everyone's favorite sunflower is now available in a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. Shades vary within each petal from deep red to deep chocolate giving this bloom a truly unique and savory touch. Pair with a traditional yellow sunflower to create a wonderful contrast.


Tall green stalks with large red blossoms and dark center. Direct sow in spring after last frosts. Plant seeds about 1/2" deep in full sun for summer/fall bloom. Water regularly at first in well-drained soil. One year life with long bloom season.


Planting time: Spring

Plant Height: 48-60"

Plant Spacing: 8-12"

Plant Depth: 1/2"


Embrace the sunshine with every handful of our Sunny Sunflower Seeds Pack. Purchase now and experience the wholesome goodness that nature has to offer. 🌞


Thank you for supporting a local business!

Chocolate Cherry


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