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Annual and perennial mix. Low Growing Mix wildflower seeds grow a classic, vibrant yet modest spin on traditional wildflower mixes. Low Growing Mix seeds are a unique blend of small and dwarfed 12-18" tall varieties ideal as a tidy wildflower alternative for urban or compact gardeners. Wildflower Low Growing Mix seeds are a perfect grow to accent flower beds, walkways, fencings, or fields with all the same "untamed" charm as taller wildflowers. Low Growing Mix wildflowers are drought and heat-tolerant, easy to grow from seed, and still just as fragrant and welcoming to bees, butterflies, and birds as taller varieties. Bulk sizes of dwarfed wildflower seed mix.


Growing Low Growing Mix Wildflowers from Seeds


Seeds Included: Bachelor Button dwf., Siberian Wallflower, Farewell to Spring dwf., Chinese Houses, Lance Leaf Coreopsis dwf., Plains Coreopsis dwf., Chinese Forget Me Not, Sweet William, African Daisy, California Poppy, Baby's Breath, Candytuft, Blue Flax, Sweet Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, California Bluebells, and Catchfly.


Sowing wildflower seeds as domesticated garden pieces became popular in England during the late 19th Century. The privileged of the time grew tired of the formal and redundant flower beds of tradition and became more interested in gardens mimicking the "wild" and "natural" of real flowers. Various poets and writers of the time did away with classic roses and hedges and embraced the unpredictability of wildflowers.


Dwarfed and short varieties of Wildflowers are perfect for growing in compact areas but with all the wild beauty of traditional wildflowers.

Wildflower Mix


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